General Lessons from Brushing Teeth... with a 3 year old

Lessons from Brushing Teeth… with a 3 year old

As I sat in my daughter’s, bedroom and listened to my husband and her begin the nightly teeth brushing routine, I waited…would it be a good listening night? Or would it be a cacophony of tears, tiredness, and frustration – on both parts (okay, maybe not the tears on both parts, but definitely the frustration!)?

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HospitalityOn-Structure Amenity Roof Terrace Renovation: 6 Critical Technical Considerations

Amenity Roof Terrace Renovation: 6 Critical Technical Considerations

Having completed a number of roof terrace renovation projects, here are a few key technical issues that need to be considered and addressed early in the design project in order to confirm the viability of the project and reduce the design and construction risks. These should be tackled in parallel with the programming of your Amenity Space, as the information revealed in these will significantly impact the feasibility, viability, and quality of space possible.

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HospitalityOn-StructureWaterfront Instagram Worthy Experiences

6 Resort Trends In 2020

As we dive into 2020, I can’t help but anticipate some new trends as well as some continuing trends in the design of resorts. In 2019 we saw an emphasis on technology, sustainability, health and well-being, and personalization.

The following will be game changers for 2020 – let me know your thoughts as well!

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