2050 M Street Roof Terrace, Washington, D.C.

Anticipated Completion: Spring 2019

The 2050 M Street Corporate Roof Terrace is located on the 12th Story in downtown Washington D.C. The design achieves an expanded indoor-outdoor gathering space associated with the Multi-Purpose room located at the northwest corner of the building. This space is framed by undulating planters which reference the building facade which extrudes up above the roof terrace parapet and acts as the guardrail for the terrace. These planters are planted with ornamental grasses that will rustle in the wind, provide winter interest, and will obscure the view to the adjacent buildings when seated. At the center of the northern edge, there is a gathering space that relates to the interior pantry area. This area will be active with employees on a day to day basis. Also along the northern edge is a turf game court which will become an active part of everyday life.



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